In the spring of 1991, the future of Scotts Mill Park was bleak. County budgets were in a squeeze. In an effort to save the park, the county entered into an agreement with an individual who would run the park and it's events in an effort of privatization and fiscal management. from this agreement was born the fledgling "power club" which put on events which featured craftspeople power") -horse power ,•• water power", and -steam power".the public was invited, attended and seemed to be impresses as attendance continued to grow for the next two seasons.
      In the fall of 1993 when the privatization effort was terminated by mutual agreement, the "power club" entered into it's own agreement with the county parks to put on three events a season and farm the leased land as part of the demonstrations available for the public. this hailed the beginning of the three event season which is now entering it's 8th year of pubuc pleasing events. these events include "plow days and swap meet" in april, (preparation of the fields for planting } "olde tractor and steamer show" held the 3rd weekend of july, and "harvest festival" held on the 3rd weekend of october.
   Membership continues to grow as does the number of exhibits and equipment demonstrations which makes our events unique. we have an operating sawmill and feature a complete wood preparation capability including a planer, ed6er, and shingle mill. community members have made a thresher, and binder available for grain harvest. member owned steam engines, blascksmithing, "glory train", food concession wagon, rope making machine, corn shellers, bee keeping demonstrations help make our events enjoyable for young and old. miniature and draft horses provide cart and buggy rides which please young and old.     the 130 year old operating grist mill, which gives the park it's name, is always the center of attention as it operates multiple times daily during each event. flea market, swap meet, craft demonstrations and exhibits as will as "kiddie attractions" make our events special for the whole family.
we welcome those who are interested in our efforts and wish to join us in our efforts. membership is $10.00 per family or $5.00 for individuals over 16 years.
a monthly newsletter. is sent to each paid membership, ttfc thank you for your interest in and a ttendance of our events. keeping the "olde tyme' ways of the rural community alive and providing tea t educa tion to the younger genera tionis our goal. The hope that you enjoyed your visit....and comeback often.
The sawmill was donated to the SCOTTS OLDE TYME POWER and EQUIP. ASSOC. by HENRY COBURN of Scotts Michigan. A group of club members donated their money and time to restore the mill to operating condition. Larry Ball of Scotts donated the house trailer frame the mill sets on. The sawmill was made by TURNER MFG. of North Carolina in 1962. The company is still in business, but quit making sawmills in 1991.A company rep said they have used the same foundry patterns since the 20's, The mill is called a "right hand mill" ( the logs are loaded on the right hand side of the blade and travel from right to left.) It swimgs a 50" blade with a number 3 tooth pattern. It will clear a 20" cut. The log capacity of the carriage is 28" X 16' . The husk, carriage frame, & track frame are made out of Yellow Pine. AH are original except the log side of the track frame.
The mill is of what is called "portable construction" which just means it can be taken apart and moved. The track frame is made in three pieces which separate from the husk and each other, these pieces were separated, loaded, and trucked to a spot, reassembled, and the crew would saw until they had sawn all the timber in the area, then they would take it apart and move to another location.
The mill was first purchased by Southwest Lumber Co. of Battle Creek, Michigan. Henry Coburn bought the mill from them in the 60's and used it for many years, when Henry quit using the mill, it sat idle for several years until he donated it to the Club. The mill is still in good condition and will give the Club many years of service!